IMG_20150117_233153 My name is Danielle and I was born in Oakland, CA. I have a degree in Psychology and love working with children. I have a passion for fashion, especially for pieces that are not usually seen on a regular basis. i am definitely a tomboy but adore a feminine look. my style is very simplistic i am a newbie to the blog world as I created this blog with the intent of it being an altogether lifestyle blog.  I’ve kind of shifted toward mainly sharing my fashionable finds as i bargain shop and showing how cute looks are so easily attainable.

   Shopping has become critical in today’s society being that everyone is trying to keep up with the styles of everyone else…sad but true. I encourage everyone to do what works for them and makes them feel good. So why not be super cute, in your own style for cheap? Hopefully I can help out with that in this blog. I will post the occasional trip, or food, or random thought but hopefully it will all be helpful to you wonderful readers.


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  1. Thank you for liking my comment (jaycolby) – Stopping by to see what you’re sharing over here. Great niche. I’m a bargain hunter too – I especially enjoyed it when my girls were tots – I kept them stylish for less

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