Fall is finally here but the need for boots and oversized sweaters has not quite made its way. Today’s temperature was actually in the 90’s…I am personally over it. This look didn’t take much effort at all. You may not notice, until you scroll back up and have a second look, that I am wearing a fringed maroon top with a maroon tulle skirt. I usually don’t like to be matchy with my outfits but I couldn’t argue with the success of this one. I chose to wear a knee length strappy heel as the camel color blended perfectly.

I am forever a minimalist so I struggle with accessorizing. I chose a simple arm bangle and a necklace that I got free as a gift from a company for poor service (winning!) I couldn’t do away with my bamboo earrings so I threw those into the mix as well.

This is officially my first fall look. I hope it inspired someone or helped out with an outfit idea. There will definitely be more to come.


Wear whatever makes you feel good.


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