Summer Fling Giveaway!

Hello all!


I have been M.I.A for a while now, feels good to be back, and have made the decision as promised to do a giveaway…so here it is. Who doesn’t love all things smell good? Well I know I love a nice sweet fresh scent. So I am giving away Drew Barrymore’s flower scents: Radiant and Cherished. They smell amazing. This giveaway is for both ladies and gentlemen. Keep it or give it away as a gift, your call.

20c1a752-6871-4183-8265-9f299cdca014_1.ba6d9a09a4ee4fb8c78812cb265ea436Flower-cherishThe requirements for this giveaway are simple:

All you have to do is tag a blogger friend in the comment section to check out my page. You will automatically be entered into the drawing for the giveaway. If the tagged friend follows, he/she will also be entered into the drawing. For my blog-less followers, simply comment that you would like to be entered and I will submit your name to the drawing. Simple enough right? I will announce the winner Sunday 7/17. May this giveaway be in your favor!


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