C360_2016-06-07-14-52-31-518C360_2016-06-07-14-50-58-162C360_2016-06-05-14-00-23-435C360_2016-06-07-14-53-28-463C360_2016-06-07-14-54-32-070-1Dress: $10 [Old Navy clearance]

Shoes: $23 [Urbanog]

Handbag: $40 [6pm]

I honestly believe a shoe and handbag are major factors when creating a look. I could have worn a white t shirt with black denim skinny jeans with these shoes and bag and still pulled off a really cute look. It doesn’t take much money, matching, of effort to create a cute chic look. I cannot emphasize this enough. Let’s see some of your chic looks..


11 thoughts on “SIMPLE & CHIC

    1. Girl I live for bargain shopping lol. It takes a lot of patience. The good stuff is always so much harder to find. But for cheap shoes I go through the entire clearance inventory before anything else. That also goes for clothing stores. I start with clearance and work my way to regular priced items.

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