IMG_0953IMG_0947IMG_0963So let me tell you about this simple yet bright, super cute dress that I found. It is very rare that I will go to a shopping mall because there are always too many people and it takes me forever to find something that I like. I am a loyal and dedicated online shopper. Well, I just so happened to go to a shopping mall to help my sister look for a birthday outfit. I stumbled upon this dress in Charlotte Russe hanging on a clearance rack for $20. Mind you, the dress is a size small. Usually, I can barely even fit one leg or even my head into a small anything. I said what they hey, this is too cute not to at least try on. It fit! The clouds above opened and God shined his light on me in that fitting room. It was a match made in heaven. So yeah, I wore it to a wedding this past weekend and loved it. It doesn’t take $100 to find and rock cute fashion.

Dress: $20 (Charlotte Russe)

Clutch: $5 (Thrift Store)

Shoes: $25 (GoJane)



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