C360_2016-05-01-04-12-41-306C360_2016-05-05-23-50-41-654C360_2016-05-10-10-03-28-957 My goal for this trip was loose, fun, and something other than my typical BLACK…I probably could have cropped my luggage out, but hey how about we just pretend its not there? Perfect!C360_2016-05-05-22-06-42-914C360_2016-05-10-10-05-33-237C360_2016-05-10-10-05-01-541C360_2016-05-10-10-04-12-370DETAILS…I loved my gold tattoos as the one I have placed on my collar bone. I got a pack of them at Walmart for $1. Loved, loved them!C360_2016-05-04-19-46-43-394My inner bohemian style..

I wish I could have captured a picture of all of my looks but honestly and sadly to say, blogging was one of the last  things on my mind with everything else going on. I ‘ll do better next time. That is a promise!


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