IMG_4961My trip to Cancun can be summed up in two words, a “beautiful disaster”. Let me explain…so coming to this trip I previously knew two out of the four girls. I love meeting new people but as any normal person would be, I was a little nervous living with two complete strangers for an entire week. Well let me tell you, I would not have chosen any other group of girls to be on this  trip with. The universe just seemed to form a connection between all of us and I felt as if I had known these girls for years.

Cancun is a very beautiful place and the beaches are breath taking. We prepared an itinerary for this trip and was able to complete just about everything on it. In the midst of each excursion we seemed to face some sort of difficulties, such as going on a boat tour completely different from the one we thought we booked. I had not had that much fun in a very long time. Everything that could have been disastrous turned out to be beautiful in its own way.

IMG_831720160502_140050_146264539704720160502_08204920160504025158_IMG_030020160504025148_IMG_029920160504025139_IMG_0298 I could not get over how colorful Mexico was. Everything just seemed so bright and vibrant. The bright colors in a way overshadowed how poor of a country Mexico really is. The people were all in such good spirits and very friend and family oriented. We did not only tour the touristy part of Mexico, but some of the local parts as well. I cannot tell you how many times I thanked God while out there. Experiencing a completely different culture makes you appreciate all that you have. I will definitely work on taking things for granted after this experience.C360_2016-05-05-22-06-42-91420160504203651_IMG_0318 I had much time to relax and reflect. I will find time to do this on every trip I plan to take.C360_2016-05-05-07-57-02-824_1462645396788 Underground caves, swimming with the fishes…yup, I did that! InstaSize_0506083527C360_2016-05-04-08-09-39-171I learned so much and will cherish each and every memory!


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