20160304044717_IMG_004020160304044313_IMG_002520160304044421_IMG_0030Most people have casual Fridays at work, well me, I have the ability to dress causally any day of the week..lucky me! This post is for, well anybody really, but for those who may get one day of the week to dress causal. I chose to wear this denim blazer that I lucked up on at a thrift store (my happy place). I am wearing a plain grey top with a plain black bandage skirt, and some plain black tights. Of course I am always finding a way to incorporate a sense of “pop” to an outfit, so I decided to wear  these loud gold, but super cute and super comfortable, huarache Nike shoes. 20160304044546_IMG_003420160304044434_IMG_003120160304044606_IMG_0037I am a little on the curvy side, so wearing the skirt without the tights was definitely not an option and wearing the tights with nothing to cover that backside of mine was also definitely not an option. Pairing the two worked perfectly. Keep it casual and cute, but at work especially, keep it professional. I hope this outfit idea works for someone. Have a beautiful, amazing day and remember to smile!!20160304044200_IMG_002020160304044219_IMG_0022


14 thoughts on “CASUAL WORKDAYS

  1. I love the shrunken jacket and the bright tennis shoes. How fun!
    Thanks for stopping by the Drop and Hop! Have fun clicking to other blogs and meeting my friends!


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