Today is March the 31st, not too many days away from my week long vacation to Cancun, Mexico. I am beyond excited! The thought of traveling always puts me in a happy place. Seeing things I have never seen, eating food I have never eaten, and experiencing a lifestyle that is not my own. I am from California, so I live for a good beach. I can not wait to feel the warm sand between my toes, the warmth of the sun beaming on my skin, and the soothing taste of a strawberry margarita. I’m really freaking going to Cancun!!


Growing up as a young girl in Oakland, Ca, the idea of traveling seemed like just a dream. I used to think  celebrities and people with a ton of money were the only ones who could afford to travel. Little did i know right? That is the result of never being able to leave the state or even see anyone else around you leave the state you were born in. Well guess what people, this Oakland girl has worked her butt off, got a damn passport and  will be making this the first stamp of many.


I have pretty much did all of the online shopping a girl could do for the past 2 months in preparation for this trip. Of course I only bought things which were on clearance or had a “too good to pass up” price. If you follow my blog, you should know how frugal I am by now (that’s how I have extra money to travel..pay attention).


I will not take credit for this photo as I have snagged it from pinterest, but you get the idea. This picture is a summary of what my life will look like for the duration of my trip. Can anyone tell how excited I am? No? Not yet? Okay well I  think I could do a better job with that, let me flip this switch really quick…


Lol!!! (I am so corny and I love it!) Happy Thursday everyone. I will leave with this, no matter where you come from or what you may be accustomed to, if there is a will, there is a way. Go somewhere you have never been before. The experience will be mind blowing, I promise!! Peace, love, and happiness…Stay tuned and ride this Cancun wave with me as it approaches.



20160304044717_IMG_004020160304044313_IMG_002520160304044421_IMG_0030Most people have casual Fridays at work, well me, I have the ability to dress causally any day of the week..lucky me! This post is for, well anybody really, but for those who may get one day of the week to dress causal. I chose to wear this denim blazer that I lucked up on at a thrift store (my happy place). I am wearing a plain grey top with a plain black bandage skirt, and some plain black tights. Of course I am always finding a way to incorporate a sense of “pop” to an outfit, so I decided to wear  these loud gold, but super cute and super comfortable, huarache Nike shoes. 20160304044546_IMG_003420160304044434_IMG_003120160304044606_IMG_0037I am a little on the curvy side, so wearing the skirt without the tights was definitely not an option and wearing the tights with nothing to cover that backside of mine was also definitely not an option. Pairing the two worked perfectly. Keep it casual and cute, but at work especially, keep it professional. I hope this outfit idea works for someone. Have a beautiful, amazing day and remember to smile!!20160304044200_IMG_002020160304044219_IMG_0022