IMG_3036IMG_3043IMG_3112IMG_3110IMG_3077IMG_3047As Spring is approaching, I am trying to stretch my Fall\Winter fashion as much as possible. Today turned out to be a pretty warm and beautiful Winter day. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. This particular outfit is perfect for a little warmth as well as the ever so often cool breeze. The leather jacket is my vegan jacket that I got for a great deal. (In a previous post). I found this knit top at Forever21 for $3.50 ( I suggest you all look into their in-store 50% off section asap!) I found these white skinnies at TJ Maxx for $20. You cant beat that price for a pair of white pants that actually look decent on you (or maybe just me with my super curvy bottom half).  My woven inspired faux leather cluth also came from Forever21 afws years back. It was on clearance for $10.00. Lastly I found these leather wedged booties at Sheikh.com a while ago for about $9.00 on clearance. Amazing right? Well as I have already stated, you ca never go wrong with neutrals. Give it a try and let me see some of your outfits.


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