Okay so sometimes I feel as though I need things and sometimes I just flat out want things. Being a lover of all things fashion, I feel that this particular thing is a NEED for me. Judge me, I care not! Matter of fact, I feel as though all women need one of these. It definitely has the potential to make you feel amazing on a shitty day.

6d546ac3d3bff556e1b649f508555f9727fbb3ba66fa0448b5249fa0e2a4451a34f71ed80b43cd4976a6a192b2c3bdecA purse with faux fur! The statement these purses present are like “Um yes honey, work it and then give me some more!” I need one these these ASAP. They are a perfect staple piece for a simple outfit as well as perfect for winter. Actually, you could probably catch me rocking one in the spring, just because I can be cool like that.

42c705dc6741b4dc15f7e5d33c17d6eeTake a look at this beyond gorgeous woman rocking this purple faux clutch. Isn’t that clutch speaking for the entirety of the outfit. It just gives the look a sophisticated yet edgy look. The faux purse is very bold. I cannot wait until I find the perfect one to add to my collection. Peace, love, and good vibes from me and my waves! (I sound like a radio host closing out a show lol). All good!


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