IMG_3036IMG_3043IMG_3112IMG_3110IMG_3077IMG_3047As Spring is approaching, I am trying to stretch my Fall\Winter fashion as much as possible. Today turned out to be a pretty warm and beautiful Winter day. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. This particular outfit is perfect for a little warmth as well as the ever so often cool breeze. The leather jacket is my vegan jacket that I got for a great deal. (In a previous post). I found this knit top at Forever21 for $3.50 ( I suggest you all look into their in-store 50% off section asap!) I found these white skinnies at TJ Maxx for $20. You cant beat that price for a pair of white pants that actually look decent on you (or maybe just me with my super curvy bottom half).  My woven inspired faux leather cluth also came from Forever21 afws years back. It was on clearance for $10.00. Lastly I found these leather wedged booties at Sheikh.com a while ago for about $9.00 on clearance. Amazing right? Well as I have already stated, you ca never go wrong with neutrals. Give it a try and let me see some of your outfits.



Okay so sometimes I feel as though I need things and sometimes I just flat out want things. Being a lover of all things fashion, I feel that this particular thing is a NEED for me. Judge me, I care not! Matter of fact, I feel as though all women need one of these. It definitely has the potential to make you feel amazing on a shitty day.

6d546ac3d3bff556e1b649f508555f9727fbb3ba66fa0448b5249fa0e2a4451a34f71ed80b43cd4976a6a192b2c3bdecA purse with faux fur! The statement these purses present are like “Um yes honey, work it and then give me some more!” I need one these these ASAP. They are a perfect staple piece for a simple outfit as well as perfect for winter. Actually, you could probably catch me rocking one in the spring, just because I can be cool like that.

42c705dc6741b4dc15f7e5d33c17d6eeTake a look at this beyond gorgeous woman rocking this¬†purple faux clutch. Isn’t that clutch speaking for the entirety of the outfit. It just gives the look a sophisticated yet edgy look. The faux purse is very bold. I cannot wait until I find the perfect one to add to my collection. Peace, love, and good vibes from me and my waves! (I sound like a radio host closing out a show lol). All good!


greenFebruary 1, 2016. Okay so I am determined to shed some weight, tone up and better my eating habits. In January, I did a 21 day challenge where I cut out meat, sweets, bread and cheese. I lost a total of 5 lbs. which was not bad at all. I will say I was constantly working out during this period so that may have also played a factor in the weight loss.

Well, when those 21 days were over I asked myself “What now?” I kept my diet up for the most part but allowed myself a cheat DAY. Huge mistake! I ate everything under the sun on my cheat day which turned into a complete cheat WEEKEND…I then decided I needed to get back on my grind. So for a total of 7 days, I have committed myself to eating only green things. (This is a form of a cleanse that I read about) Well I wont say ONLY because for instance, with my avocado for breakfast this morning I ate it with a boiled egg white and for dinner I will be having a squash (yellow) and zucchini plate. You get the point! Clean eating is what I am striving for but I must take baby steps or I’ll relapse without any hesitation (sounds deeper than just dieting huh? lol)

So now finally to the purpose of this post, I know I have already started today but I challenge any of my readers, followers, anyone to join this 7 day challenge with me. You can start tomorrow and let me know how it goes. We can do this! Your body will thank you later, I promise. Let’s get our healthy bodies back that the government is sickly taking away from us by charging us just $4 for a burger, large fry and large drink while you can only get 4 damn avocados for $4!!! (inserts note to self: simmer down cowgirl)…(smiles) Cheers to green things!!!