six-hundred Good morning to the world on this fine winter morning. As I am sure many of us have a morning routine, mine consists of checking my email along with other things, like praying, brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc. Well, this morning as I checked my email the overall stats for my blog this year were in there. I usually don’t get crazy over stats. Yes, I would like many followers, views, likes and comments but I do not dread by any means if I do not get them. Some days I go without a single view and I am still alive and well. “Wont he do it!”

So yeah, I was unaware that my little ol’ four month old blog had received over 600 views! That is amazing! I had no clue I was getting that much activity on my blog. That is motivation for you right there. I am very grateful and I hope to improve my post going forward so that others may soon become a little curious as to what goes on in ridetheewaves.  Thank you to everyone! Happy New Year!


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