images (1)    Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season! Well… this post was inspired by a blog that I stumbled across that is hella cool and down to earth (okaaythen) You should all go follow her. I started this blog back in August (2015). To this day, I feel like there are MANY improvements to be made for me to become actually “satisfied” with it. I have tried layout after layout, my picture quality isn’t the greatest, the quality of my post could be better, and I find myself constantly posting things outside of my main goal for the blog. Yes, I can be very critical of myself but at least I am a realist (note to all readers: ALWAYS keep it real with yourself). So yeah, here are a few key points in detail that I plan to improve moving forward into 2016.



I have had my eye on this Samsung NX3000 for a while now. Being as thrifty as I am, I can not pull myself to spending $600 on a camera, judge me, I care not! The price, features AND reviews are really good, so I think this is the one. Hopefully Santa will be good to me and send it my way for Christmas. I feel like with having a blog, you have to catch people’s attention. Great photos always catch my attention, so in my mind, I am assuming that same thing for the rest of the world. My main focus for this blog is to show the world my fashion style and enlighten the readers that it does not have to cost much of anything to attain fabulous looks. With a better camera, I feel like this can definitely be a great asset to my blog goal.


Improving the quality of my post is for sure one of the many things I need to work on. Being detailed but straight to the point is critical when creating posts. You must keep the readers engaged but make sure they are not bored to death. Personally, the details of my outfits and frugal finds are what need to be expressed in a more “interesting” manner. ( I couldn’t think of a better  word, so yeah, “interesting” it is). Quality over quantity is what I shall be more mindful about from this point forward.


I see on many other blogs, bloggers doing challenges with their followers, giveaways, all sorts of interactive activities. The idea of it seems fun and can possibly benefit others. I’ll have to find some fun, unique ways to get readers engaed. 2016 will be a great bloggingyear for me. I am claiming it!

I hope just even these few points can be helpful to any other beginner bloggers out there. Let’s all do this this together and make it happen.



2 thoughts on “2016 BLOG GOALS

  1. Being critical of what you post is soooo difficult – I feel you! There’s been plenty of times I go back to a published post and wonder why in the world I did it like that, haha. Sometimes you just get too inspired and want to share something in that moment.

    Good luck with your blog in the new year!

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    1. Yes, I completely understand. I often create a post and go back and edit it like five times before I like it lol. I guess its all just trial and error. It’ll become easier over time I am assuming. Thanks for the support and good luck to you and your blog as well. Happy New Year!!


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