C O M M U N I C A T I O N…


Here is another one of my rambles, brace yourselves. I was reading an article on communication, 8 Tips for Communication by Sara Altschule, that I found pretty interesting. In today’s society the lack of communication is almost sickening, or maybe I am just old fashioned at the age of 28. I will admit, I am definitely a texter, but I also do not mind talking on the phone or having a normal face to face conversation. A while ago, a friend of mine and i wrote letters and SENT them to each other with updates on our lives instead of texting our life stories, in brief. We enjoyed the whole “pen pal” idea. imagine how stressed out everyone’s lives would be if they had to make a phone call as opposed to sending a text. the world would be in complete chaos, figuratively speaking.

relationships would probably last a lot longer these days if communication was the key. atlschule mentions this in the article. so my question to this, is where on earth can i find this key??? no where in particular of course and to be quite honest, I believe the key lies within us as individuals. we were not born mind readers. self expression is the key. expressing your thoughts and ideas without the assumption that others already know what you are thinking about. it happens much more often than we think, believe me. so there you have it. I have just unveiled where the key to communication is. try changing at least one of the relationships in your life with better communication. you just never know what can happen.


4 thoughts on “C O M M U N I C A T I O N…

  1. I’m afraid we will realize that we need to communicate more when it’s too late.. Communication is very important to me. Not only talking but listening. I have found that many want to talk but they don’t want to listen. Sometimes people with talk, listen, but want take the extra mile to comprehend or to try to get a good understanding. Listening is the most important part of communication if you ask me. Great Post! I enjoyed it 🙂


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