• Happy Sunday. I’d be happier if there were a day after Sunday which would extend my weekend. Wishful thinking right? Any who, church was really good this morning which put me in a pretty wavy mood. I decided I wanted to get out for a bit and grab a bite to eat since the weather was gorgeous . I wanted to be casual but cute so I paired a jersey t shirt (fashion metro: clearance $4) with jeans and my favorite red heels ( I accessorized with a black hat ($1 jewelry store for $2), a royal blue hand bag ($40) and threw on my ruby woo red lip 🙂 Who says you cant be cute and cheap lol? I know I am. I enjoyed the food, the sun and the atmosphere all together. I can literally say this was a happy Sunday.

.20150823_181656-120150823_18191220150823_19455420150823_194427Shop the look:

shopping           shopping (1) shopping (2)  shopping (4)   shopping (5)

(Urban Outfitters)   (Rotita)    (Burlington)  (Gojane)      (JustFab)


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