An Amazing yesterday!

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So something amazing happened yesterday 8/27/2015. My niece was welcomed into the world. I literally stood there and watched it happen. It was one of the most magical things to watch (just make sure you have the stomach for it). She was named after the best aunt in the world, me, Danielle. I felt all kinds of special and of course was an emotional wreck. She was so soft, so warm, so innocent, so sweet. Well I can go on and on but I’ll stop here. I just had to share one of the most special days of my entire life. This wave will definitely be one to remember.



  • Happy Sunday. I’d be happier if there were a day after Sunday which would extend my weekend. Wishful thinking right? Any who, church was really good this morning which put me in a pretty wavy mood. I decided I wanted to get out for a bit and grab a bite to eat since the weather was gorgeous . I wanted to be casual but cute so I paired a jersey t shirt (fashion metro: clearance $4) with jeans and my favorite red heels ( I accessorized with a black hat ($1 jewelry store for $2), a royal blue hand bag ($40) and threw on my ruby woo red lip 🙂 Who says you cant be cute and cheap lol? I know I am. I enjoyed the food, the sun and the atmosphere all together. I can literally say this was a happy Sunday.

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Mule Heels

CUTE but most importantly, COMFORTABLE …Things have been all over the place in my life right now, so I decided to treat myself to a night of dancing and lots of laughs (clearly lol). I really liked my look, being that I have become very fond of the “mule” heel style ( $24 bucks). We as women will do the most for a hot look but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Shop around. See what feels comfortable to your body and your FEET so you don’t have to spend the day/night trying to keep a hold of the look instead of enjoying yourself.

Hello any and everyone!!

This is my very first blog post that I am super excited about! I started this blog as a form of escape from the craziness at home, work, etc. I was raised a very private person but have decided to let my hair down and share my life expriences. I hope that you all find some enjoyment in this blog. Food, fashion, travel, allll that! Stay tuned and ride the waves with me.