Palazzo Pants

img_4550img_3976img_3979I literally found these Palazzo pants at a hidden boutique near my local grocery store. You would not believe how much I paid for these…$8!!! Yes, a real come up!

This look was simple to pull off considering I stuck to the basic colors of black and white. My fedora is a light grey color and I am wearing red open toe heels.

These pants can be paired with many tops and many colors to create a variety of looks.

Like I always say, it does not have to cost you a fortune to look stylish.

-Happy Sunday


Well hello again to you all. It’s been a while but I’m back. I hope you all had a blessed Fall season. After finishing strong with school, I certainly did.

I just wanted to share this outfit with you, hopefully to inspire, as the last few days of Fall approach us.


-Brown Felt Fedora Hat: $20-Amazon (I recently seen one just like this on there for like $8)

-Collard Shirt Dress: $ unknown-Forever21 (over 7 years old) I tend to hold onto things that are worth it for long periods of time 🙂

*I am also wearing a black bandage skirt under, was just a little too short to wear without anything under.

-Brown Leather Jacket: $25-Wet Seal ( when it still existed) I told you I hold onto things 🙂

-Taupe Boots: $34.90-Forever 21 (These were actually a birthday gift)

-Green Quilt Style Bucket Bag: $8 Bargain Hunt

This outfit takes little to no effort at all: Hat, Dress, Coat/Or no Coat, Boots, and a bag.

Hopes this inspires someone!



Fall is finally here but the need for boots and oversized sweaters has not quite made its way. Today’s temperature was actually in the 90’s…I am personally over it. This look didn’t take much effort at all. You may not notice, until you scroll back up and have a second look, that I am wearing a fringed maroon top with a maroon tulle skirt. I usually don’t like to be matchy with my outfits but I couldn’t argue with the success of this one. I chose to wear a knee length strappy heel as the camel color blended perfectly.

I am forever a minimalist so I struggle with accessorizing. I chose a simple arm bangle and a necklace that I got free as a gift from a company for poor service (winning!) I couldn’t do away with my bamboo earrings so I threw those into the mix as well.

This is officially my first fall look. I hope it inspired someone or helped out with an outfit idea. There will definitely be more to come.


Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Hello Fall


Fall has finally made its appearance and I am forever grateful for it. In addition to the Spring, Fall produces the best weather, provides the opportunity for the most versatile fashion, and lastly, can be considered the “pre-party” for the Christmas holiday season, the happiest time of the year! I am looking forward to the variations of fall trends as well as creating my own. My birthday just happens to be in the Fall season so it just makes it that much more special (wink wink). I welcome you all to the Fall and wish you the best with whatever endeavors you may be encountering.







A mix of cheap finds

imageimageimageimageimageI am not kidding by any means when I tell you I shop very frugal. This entire outfit I am wearing was all bargained. The icing on the cake was, my top knot I threw into the look. It was absolutely free! (Terrible joke lol)

Top- $4: Old Navy. I got it on clearance during the closing of one of their stores

Distressed Jeans- $6: Bargain Hunt

Nude booties-$20: Walmart

Fringe Crossbody-$15: Ross





Happy 1 yr. Blogiversary!

I am excited and shocked that it has been one whole year since I began this blog. Time really flies. I figured I should do something interesting for my one year post and decided to do a “15 Fun Facts” entry about myself. It will help you learn a little about myself, the face behind the blog. You can always read my “About Me” section but this seemed more fun.



Danielle’s Fun Facts:

  1. I will be 29 this year but still constantly get asked if I’m in the 23-25 age range.
  2. I eat all cereal without milk, but I eat it in a bowl with a spoon.
  3. One of my favorite shows is Impractical Jokers.
  4. I ALWAYS set my alarm clock on the hour with one extra minute, even for naps or simple reminders (ex: 6:01 AM)
  5. I prefer tea over coffee.
  6. I love children! (don’t have any)
  7. I am very frugal. I prefer to save rather than spend.
  8. I love the thrift store.
  9. I think grapefruit is the most disgusting fruit ever, and then kiwi.
  10. I love to read.
  11. I could listen to Alina Baraz everyday.
  12. I laugh at the strangest things.
  13. I love adventuring but at the same time love being at home.
  14. I hate cats. ( no offense to any cat lovers)
  15. I would like to back float in a large body of water in a tropical place.

That concludes my list. Thank you to any and everyone who have supported me and my blog.



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